Cloud Computing / DevOps

I am AWS certified educator. I have worked and maintained various cloud environments and systems. I have command of the following operation side tools and techniques.

-AWS Cloud Services (EC2, Lightsail, Rout53, SES, BeanStalk, Lambda)

-WHM & Cpanel (DNS, Forensic, Disaster Management, domain, FTP, Apache)

Project Management

I am a software engineering enthusiast. One pertinent area that software revolutionized is project management. I believe online collaborative project management could improve the operation efficiency of small and medium enterprises. My interest in agile project management methodologies like scrum led me to embark various project management tools. I have taught project management to MBA students at Unitar International Students.

Corporate Communication

Despite the nature of any endeavor, from corporate exercise to academic research, the art of communication, including presenting ideas and concepts, is critical to any project’s success. I have ample corporate experience to delivers speeches, presentations and persuasive scripts