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PhD Thesis:

My PhD studies were in theoretical computer science with a cloud computing specialty.  I got my PhD from the University of Malaya, which ranked among 100 universities worldwide.  My thesis entitled: “Hybrid Metaheuristics for QoS-Aware Service Composition” has been a systematic effort to transcend the boundary of metaheuristics by using granular computing and mainly set theory. The thesis has published in IEEE Access that has ranked top 3 journal in computer science as follows:

  1. Hybrid Metaheuristics for QoS-Aware Service Composition: A Systematic Mapping Study (IEEE Access)
  2. Hybrid Metaheuristics Using Rough Sets for QoS-aware Service Composition (IEEE Access)

I enjoyed the supervision of Prof Abdullah Gani, ex-dean of the faculty of computer science and one of the top-rank Malaysian computer scientists (Top 3-Research.com).  Moreover, my thesis was examined and praised by life IEEE fellow Witold Pedrycz, chair of the Canadian research council. The thesis reports are in follow: