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My approach on Teaching, Edutech and Project Base Learning

Project Based Learning:

Unitar International University: (Postgraduate)

I believe on project based learning and outcome base learning. Project-based learning revolves around tutoring students using real challenges and problems they may face in the real world. The research has shown that learning revolving around a tangible project can be highly effective.

I am a big believer in industry in classroom to enrich learning experience.

My Teaching Evaluations Results (2023):

I get over 90% satisfaction rate from students resulted from anonymous survey conducted among students before exams. I lectured for Master of Information Technology students with ample industry experience in the following principles. I gained an average 93% satisfaction rate from students.

1) Machine Learning

2) Big data programming using Python

3) Software Design and Development

4) Project Management (MBA)

5) Software Process and Management (Devops)

6) Software Design and Architecture using Django- Python (Bachelor).

Teaching and Supervision in All Dimension:

All my professional adult life has been in the education field, and I have always had high regard for the transformative power of education. I have over ten years of experience in education as a teacher, tutor and supervisor dealing with e-learning technology or assisting postgraduate students in pursuing higher education. I taught IGCSE courses at the A and O levels and collaborate with the following institutions.

In my tenure in Newlineco, We have placed over 400 Postgraduate students in higher education from GCC countries to Institutions in Malaysia, US, and Australia.