A/S Professor Namvar- Queensland University Australia

This letter serves to whom it may concern as a vote of confidence and recommendation note. I know Hadi through mutual interest and collaboration in computational intelligence techniques for selection platforms which fall under my expertise in business information systems. Therefore, it is my pleasure to recommend him as an outstanding expert in digital technologies, particularly his competence as a data scientist and product developer.
He is proficient in research methodology and has a panoramic understanding of business challenges and requirements that can meet with information systems. Our research endeavor aimed to develop and implement intelligent computational methods to optimize marketing campaigns. So far, this collaboration has led to fruitful publication in top-tier journals and will I firmly believe in his competence in theoretical computer science and his skill in programming. Meanwhile, he has shown sharp business acumen aggregated from his professional experience. This made him a very reliable and competent player in any team.
My recommendation for him is total, and I will be accessible via m.namvar@business.uq.edu.au for further comments.

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