A/S Professor Yamani- Ex Head of Research and Development University Malaya

I am pleased to write this recommendation letter for Hadi Naghavipour, who has been working on his PhD under my supervision. He undertook a thesis revolving around the notion of incorporating set theory in metaheuristics to transcend the boundary of contemporary algorithms within the context of service composition, one of the most sought-after combinatorial optimization problems to this date. My firm stands for this recommendation driven by his demonstrated strengths in this course as follows:
A sharp programming skill (Python, Matlab, R).
A robust mathematical and statistical background.
Command on research methodology (SLR, SMS, Bibliometric analysis).
Industry experience and competency.
Academic competence to publish in top tier journals.
I also would like to extend this recommendation on soft skills such as:
Creativity and Problem Solving Skills  Communications skills
Collaboration making
Feel free to contact me via yamani@um.edu.my for any further clarification.