A/S Professor Rosli University Malaya

We (supervisors) are pleased to strongly recommend Hadi Naghavipour based on his tenure as a Ph.D. candidate.
What uniquely makes him stand out is his aggregated academic qualification along with his industrial experience. He is a rare breed in a current expert community where people are too theoretical or merely practicals. He has impressed us with his technical skills such as Matlab, R coding, Python, and several other data visualization and bibliometric tools. With the realm of academic research, he conducts a mapping study that proves he obtains full command in academic research domains. He is proficient in academic writing and various research tools (Endnote, Latex, Jabref, etc.).
He has a positive character, is ready to pick up the next challenge, and is passionate about personal development and continuous learning. Doing a Ph.D., in general, is a challenging task, especially when persuaded with a full-time job. Hadi has taken on service composition, one of the most sought-after fields in cloud computing and computer science and made his mark upon it. Moreover, he is a great communicator and team player. What finally makes us firm in our recommendation is our admiration for his problem-solving skills. He has always been passionate about navigating the theoretical foundation to a real-world scenario where his industry-based experience helps to overcome the obstacles in such an endeavor.
Based on all the above circumstances, we believe he will be an asset to any organization, academic institution, or community.