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My Ten Data Science Skill:

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Data Science is a Multi-disciplinary field which requires multi-facets of competence to navigate. I have justified my skillset concerning the ten crucial data science required skills here.

In this page a brief overview of my data science skillsets in respect to previous project has demonstrated.

  1. Computer Science & Cloud Computing
  2. Software Engineering and DevOps:
  3. Programing
  4. Probability & Statistics
  5. Mathematics
  6. Data Manipulation (ETL)
  7. Machine Learning
  8. Data Visualisation
  9. Business Accume
  10. Soft Skills
Data Science Discipline Collisions

1. Computer Science & Cloud Computing

My PhD studies were in theoretical computer science with a cloud computing specialty.  I got my PhD from the University of Malaya, which ranked among (QS=70) 100 universities worldwide.  My thesis entitled: “Hybrid Metaheuristics for QoS-Aware Service Composition” has been a systematic effort to transcend the boundary of metaheuristics by using granular computing and mainly set theory. The thesis has published in IEEE Access that has ranked top 3 journal in computer science as follows:

  1. Hybrid Metaheuristics for QoS-Aware Service Composition: A Systematic Mapping Study (IEEE Access)
  2. Hybrid Metaheuristics Using Rough Sets for QoS-aware Service Composition (IEEE Access)

I enjoyed the supervision of Prof Abdullah Gani, ex-dean of the faculty of computer science and one of the top-rank Malaysian computer scientists (Top 3-Research.com).  Moreover, my thesis was examined by life IEEE fellow Witold Pedrycz, chair of the Canadian research council. My thesis examination reports is here. Moreover, my computer science courses and core competence are listed as follows.

  • Complexity Theory
  • Metaheuristics Optimisation
  • Algorithm
  • Data Structure
  • Operating System (Linux) –
  • Research Methodology in Computer Science

2. Software Engineering and DevOps:

I hold a Master of Science in Software Engineering from Staffordshire (UK). These are an outline of my courses and theoretical competence in the realm of computer science and software engineering. I have over ten years of experience as a Software Engineer practising in various corporate positions. I also have led some product development as outlined here and here.   My core competence in software engineering are as follows:

  • Agile Project Management: Scrum
  • Data Base Design (MySQL, SQL Server)
  • Object Oriented Programming (Java)
  • Web Design and Development (HTML,CSS,BOOTSTRAP,Java Acript)
  • Software Architecture (Unified Modeling Language)
  • Linux & Version Control
  • Documentation: SRS Writings

3. Programing

I have command on concept of programming and enjoy to code. The language that I am proficient in are as follows:

  • Python
  • Matlab
  • R
  • Java Script

4. Probability & Statistics

I have a command of fundamental statistics, particularly concerning hypothesis testing and post hoc procedure. Moreover, I have a command to use R, and its statistical analysis and package likes scammp, which is the statistical Comparison of Multiple Algorithms in Multiple Problems. My strengths are listed as below with link to publication or repository as evidence:

  • Hypothesis Testing and Post Hoc Procedure
  • The Command on R statistical Analysis Tools
  • R Statictical Packages.
  • Critical Difference Diagrams.
  • Distribution Analysis

The application of following are visible in my paper.

5. Mathematics

I have a bachelor of engineering in telecommunication engineering, a field that heavily requires understanding mathematics, including complex numbers, trigonometry, elementary geometry, elementary statistics, and differential and integral calculus.

My PhD thesis revolved around the set theory (Fuzzy sets, Rough Sets, ets) and graph theory which gave me an edge in understanding discrete mathematics. This thesis was examined by one of the world authorities in fuzzy systems.

  • Algebra & complex numbers
  • trigonometry
  • Set Theory
  • Graph Theory
  • Calculus

6. Data Manipulation (ETL)

I have industry experience in ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) in my career in the bloom system when I should aggregate students’ information, results and feekbacks from excel sheets to access data base and finally SQL server for our academics CRM. I manage to automate some server scripts to load infiormation of students that upload by staff to academics CRM directly.

7. Machine Learning & Computer Vision

I understand major machine learning techniques such as ANN, KNN and SVM and implimented for skin cancer detection. This study is going to publish soon and source code will be available to community for future endeavours. This study cover side by side analysis of primary supervised and supervised machine learning techniques for a live computer vision project.

A tutorial as comparative study of Artificial Neural Network, Support Vector machine and K-nearest Neighbor for Melanoma Cancer Detection.

8. Data Visualisation & Bibliometrics Analysis

I am proficient in using R and excel visualisation packages. In addition, I can use R and others tools for bibliometric analysis a very usefull tools in fundamental researchs. While I have full command in ggplot2, the rest of visualisation packages that I can use are as follows. My skills in R endorsed by the previous head of research and development in university Malaya.

  • Lattice
  • highcharter
  • Leaflet
  • RcolorBrewer
  • Plotly

The two major visulization from my recent papers for showcases.

9. Business Accume

One of my major edges is having industry experience and academic qualifications. I have been working during all my educational journeys, from my bachelor’s studies to my recent graduation in PhD in computer science. I experienced the abundance of large enterprises when I served as a PLC engineer in a large manufacturing site to the challenges of a start-up. This is formed by business acumen to understand the industry in a very holistic view. This advantage has been endorsed and highlighted here in this endoresment letter.

10. Soft Skills

I am an industry-oriented data scientist who gained storey-telling capabilities through the necessity of selling products and services to the market. I always have been the frontier to company products or services presentations to market and use communication skills to convey the company vision to my team and other stakeholders by compelling story telling. Finally, I have a scientific curiosity that pushed me to explore beyond the status quo.

I am also aware of the importance of agile project management methodology to manage intense workloads most productively and smoothly.